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Historical Restorations

Historical RestorationsCrocker Architectural is especially proud of its industry position as a leader in historical restorations. We are recognized for our ability to think creatively, to adapt quickly and efficiently to unforeseen developments and to fully understand the historical relevance and significance of a project.

Our nearly 29 years of historic building renovations range from the New York State Capitol building in Albany to The Breakers and Ch√Ęteau-sur-Mer mansions in Newport, RI, to The Tabernacle Pavilion on Martha’s Vineyard, MA

We provide the research, expertise, and vision necessary to preserve and restore historical treasures. Our adherence to historic accuracy is supported by our project team’s collective knowledge, commitment to continuous education, and attention to detail.

Historical restorations demand a keen eye and attention to detail, not to mention a commitment to maintaining the historical integrity of a building site. To ensure that our work adheres to the designs of the original architect, we work closely with the property manager to learn as much as we can about the site before ever picking up a tool. And when it comes to our tools, the Crocker Architectural fabrication shop houses historic machines and tools that were used in the sheet metal industry hundreds of years ago, some of which we still ause today. That means that much of the new materials that we produce to restore historical buildings are as authentic today as they were when the building first was constructed

We follow key safety protocols to ensure that the properties we are working on are protected from any damage. Many historical structures have design elements (e.g., stained glass skylights) that must be kept safe from work-related damage. We take extreme caution to ensure that we not only do our job correctly, but that we also have no negative impact on the total renovation.

By drawing on our years of experience, expertise and time proven work methods, Crocker Architectural is able to restore historical buildings to their original conditions, while strengthening them for future generations.