Its design, by the award-winning international architectural firm of Sasaki Associates, puts one in mind of the nomadic tents of the ancient Israelites. Copper folds seem to fall off the roofline onto the sides of the building in the manner of a desert-dwelling which was helped achieved with their service and work from Crocker Architectural. 

  • Fairfield, CT
  • Custom Inverted seam wall & roofing panels using 5 different copper alloys
  • Panels were custom colored to create a patchwork color pattern
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Crocker Architectural Sheet Metal Co., Inc., Building Restoration, North Oxford, MA

At Crocker Architectural, our attention has always been focused on providing the utmost service to every customer. As a family-owned business, we share a sense of pride and commitment to the very best quality work. This is our name, our business, and we stand behind our work as a reflection of who we are.



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